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Mixed pack containing a 10 litre container of both COMBICLEAN detergent and CALfree anti-scale, the only combination oven chemicals to be approved by Lainox.

Keep your oven chamber sparkling clean by using COMBICLEAN detergent, specifically-designed for use with Lainox Combination Ovens. This highly effective low foam detergent is inhibited against corrosion of soft metals and stainless steel. It will rapidly deal with food residues and grease deposits enabling you to maintain your oven in optimum condition throughout its life.

CALfree descaler keeps your oven's boiler shiny and new, preventing scale buildup and meets the exacting requirements of your combi oven’s automatic descaling process. CALfree descaling fluid is fed by direct injection pump into the oven's steam generator, quickly dissolving any scale build-up. Use of CALfree, as prompted by your oven, will maintain steam generator condition and integrity and ensure that the oven always works at optimal efficiency.

For use with the following models:

All GEM / GGM models

All FSC models

LBE / LBG 201 models

NABOO / SAPIENS 201 & 202 models

Click here to see the safety data sheet for COMBICLEAN.
Click here to see the safety data sheet for CALFREE.

This product is for commercial use only and must only be used as intended. Please follow the instructions in the user manual when replacing chemical containers.