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Ensure your combi remains in best possible condition by using Lainox-approved detergents and descalers. These are the only chemicals specifically designed for Lainox ovens.

Keep your combi oven in the very best of condition with COMBICLEAN and CALFREE, the only authorised and approved chemicals for Lainox products. COMBICLEAN detergent ensures your oven chamber remains perfectly clean, removing even the most stubborn fats and residues.

CALFREE descaler keeps the boiler free from scale and ensures the flow of steam into the oven chamber remains plentiful and pure. Advantages of CALFREE include increasing the longevity of the steam generator, lower costs of maintenance and improved energy efficiency, leading to lower fuel consumption. The oven will alert you when it’s time to perform a CALOUT (adding CALFREE to the boiler) and this can be done at the same time as a wash cycle for added convenience and time saving.

COMBICLEAN and CALFREE are available in 4.5 litre or 10 litre containers, as well as solid tablets. Please check the Chemical Guide for information on what chemicals are meant for which oven.

Please Note - combi chemicals cannot be returned.

If you're not sure which chemicals you need, please contact us before placing your order.